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  • Matthew Doty

Podcast Episode 5 - Advocating for Good Design (Featuring: Laura Best & Todd Zerger)

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

So much of what we do as experience design professionals is aimed at helping the teams and organizations we work with understand and embrace the philosophy and process of human-centered design. In this episode, our founder and principal, Matthew Doty sits down with Laura Best and Todd Zerger to discuss their collective experiences. 

Laura Best started her career in PR waaaay back in the 90s in England. She was fortunate enough to help major consumer brands, such as Land Rover and Cadbury with their brand efforts, and when she moved to the US to work in advertising. Her introduction to digital came in 2001, when she was the second woman at an early stage digital startup, after which she moved to American Express Financial Advisors, which became Ameriprise, as a Director in their digital group. In the years that followed, she led award-winning campaigns and initiatives as diverse as helping to fight obesity, to launching Boomchickapop, to rethinking the dealer experience for a furnace/air conditioner manufacturer. Laura is also the founder of Passion Collective (, a community for women who are making positive change happen.

Todd Zerger’s creative adventure started at the University of California just as the internet was becoming a thing. He spent the dotcom boom years working at several noteworthy agencies in Minneapolis including JWT, Colle-McVoy and Periscope before launching his own consultancy BrainstormOverload ( He returned to the agency world in 2013 and went on to creative direct enterprise digital projects at Sapient for clients like UnitedHealthcare, Medtronic, Roche Diagnostics and US Bank. Todd came full circle in 2018 when he relocated back to San Francisco to be the Executive Creative Director of Hero Digital and build teams to work for clients like Twitter, Western Digital and WestPac Bank. His passions converge best when building and nurturing exceptional teams, creating solutions to complex challenges and packaging big ideas into resonant brand experiences that help people be healthier, more active, more ambitious and more successful.

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