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We haven't been around for long but we've hit the ground running! Wanna know what working with us looks like? Jump into these case studies to see for yourself. 

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Launching a New Product Experience Design Team for a Software Startup


A new company, a specialized market with unique needs, one ambitious objective: "Eliminate all manual and paper-based billing and payment processes for every contractor in the United States". Clearly, the experience is everything! XDGO! steps up to build a durable internal Product Experience Design (Product XD) capability.



As the Fractional Head of Product Experience Design, Matthew undertakes a 6-month, half-time engagement to provide capability development services including...


  • Organizational design

  • Process definition

  • Hiring support

  • Training/coaching


  • Filled gaps in the immediate Product Design work (e.g., Design Research, Experience Strategy & Experience Modeling)

  • Nurtured multidisciplinary partnerships with executives, leaders & teams across the organization to establish trust & ensure a collaborative work model

  • Drove human-centered process improvements across the entire lifecycle of a project

  • Developed a Product XD capability vision that outlined both the current and future state of the team, its mission, scope, role in the organization, and trajectory

  • Established performance measures for Product XD staff

  • Developed job profiles and succession paths for Product XD team members

  • Helped recruit and hire the permanent Head of Product Experience Design

Launching a new team
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