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  • Matthew Doty

Podcast Episodes 9-11

Catch up with XD Go ( as we share what we're up to, what we've discovered, and what's getting us excited about Human-Centered Design and building Experience Design capabilities for our clients!

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Go XDGO! 011: Exploring Design Leadership Part 5 (Featuring: Ling Li)

Our guest for this episode is Ling Li. Ling is a veteran designer and design leader with 10 years of experience ranging from art direction, publication, advertising, packaging, brand, and user experience design. Ling’s latest obsession is to demystify the concept of creativity and design in organizations. According to Ling, Life is too short for mediocre design. It starts with empowering everyone within an organization to take accountability for good design.

Go XDGO! 010: Exploring Design Leadership Part 4 (Featuring: Sarah Timmings)

Our guest for this episode is Sarah Timmings Vice President, Strategy & Creative at C Space

Go XDGO! 009: Exploring Design Leadership Part 3 (Featuring: Alan Arlt)

Our guest for this episode is Alan Arlt. Alan, is an entrepreneur, executive and business strategist who specializes in starting and growing recreational sports businesses. His core philosophy is this: Treat every recreational sports participant like a professional. Alan believes when companies get this part of recreational sports experience right, results follow. He used this approach to launch Ultimate Hoops, a premier recreational basketball league and skills training business that was acquired by Life Time in 2008 and grew to become the largest network of recreational basketball leagues in America. Before launching Ultimate Hoops, Alan worked for several years as a marketing executive at Discovery Communications and Turner Broadcasting in New York City. Nowadays you’ll find him continuing to lead Ultimate Hoops at Life Time and spending time with his wife and two daughters. Occasionally, he’ll step on the basketball court to prove he still “has game” — all while connecting with other leaders in the recreational sports industry and helping others grow their recreational sports leagues.

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