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  • Matthew Doty

Your Next Design Executive Should Be a Fractional Leader: Here's Why...

Updated: May 4, 2023

Are you looking for a Chief Experience Officer (CXO), Chief Design Officer (CDO), or a Vice President of Experience Design (VPXD)? Do you need a Director of Experience Design or the more specialized skillset of a Director of Design Research, Director of Experience Strategy, or Director of Interaction Design? If so, spend a few minutes with the ideas shared in this post.

The last 3 years have shown me that fractional design leadership has a powerful ripple effect! Many organizations don't need full-time design leadership and organizations of all types benefit from an immediate experienced, outside perspective. If you and your organization are seeking to maximize the value of your design investment, then fractional design leadership may be the way to go.

So, what is fractional design leadership and why should you consider hiring a fractional design leader?

Let's dive in...

What is Fractional Design Leadership?

Fractional design leadership is a service I offer to help my clients get the full impact of experienced design leadership at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone full-time. Imagine getting the expertise of a design leader who has already successfully navigated your situation in a cost-effective way.

Grounded in the principles outlined in Fractional Leadership: Landing Executive Talent You Thought Was Out of Reach, I leverage my track record of building, leading, and scaling top-notch, in-house design practices to help my clients break through barriers and achieve results that were previously out of their reach.

Why Should You Hire a Fractional Design Leader?

There are five main reasons why hiring a fractional design leader might make sense for you:

Access to top talent:

By hiring a fractional design leader, you can gain access to highly experienced/skilled professionals who might not be available for full-time roles. This allows you to tap into a pool of top talent that you might not otherwise be able to afford or attract.


Fractional design leadership can be a cost-effective way to bring high-level design leadership to an organization. Rather than hiring a full-time executive, organizations can engage a fractional design leader on a part-time or project basis, reducing the overall cost of the role.


Fractional design leadership allows you to be more nimble and flexible in your design leadership approach. You can engage a fractional leader for a specific project or time period, and then adjust as necessary.


Fractional design leaders are typically highly experienced and skilled professionals who have worked across a range of industries and organizations. We bring a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the table, and can help you make strategic design decisions that can have a significant impact on your success.


Fractional design leaders can provide an objective perspective on an organization's design needs and challenges. We can bring fresh insights and ideas to the table, and help you think creatively about how to solve your design problems.

All things considered, fractional design leadership can pay off in spades if you are seeking to maximize the value of your design investment. By engaging a fractional design leader, you can achieve your design goals more effectively and efficiently.

How do you Hire a Fractional Design Leader?

We LOVE this question! It all starts with a 30-minute conversation. We'd love to learn more about your individual circumstances and what services might make most sense for you. The best way to do that is to grab some time with us here.

During this conversation, we'll discuss your situation & objectives. We'll also introduce you to discuss how the principles & techniques of a more human-centered approach could support your objectives.

After this conversation, we'll send you a summary of our services and propose ways XDGO! can specifically help you.

We’re excited to meet you!

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